Thamesford Snowmobile Club

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Welcome to the Thamesford Snowmobile Club
Official Website!

The Thamesford Snowmobile Club meetings are now in a NEW LOCATION! every 2nd Wednesday of every month!

The TSC is in need of NEW members to join the club. The club needs members who can help with some important positions within the club, and as well as possibly groomer operators, Trail patrol people and people to come out on Saturday and Sunday mornings to help with staking the trail, stocking firewood for warm up shacks on the trail for winter,even clearing of brush etc.. 

The club openly welcomes all snowmobilers who enjoy the sport and the trail in our area to please join, respect our generous landowners and help make a difference, and become an active member, giving even a little time to help, is much appreciatted. 

The Club meetings are now going to be held at The St Georges Society of London. 

Located on Hwy 2, east of London, between Forest City Motorhomes and The London Sales Arena. This new central location is very close to London, Dorchester, Thamesford and Thorndale. 

$10 is all that is required to become an active member. Sign up forms are available at Snowline Sports or stop by one of our meetings. Hope to see you all there!